Private Wealth Consulting became AFI NDM S.A.

Piątek, 10 lutego 2017

Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. kindly informs, that from 10th of August 2016 starts distribution services in the role of AFI (Agent Firmy Inwestycyjnej) for Niezależny Dom Maklerski S.A.

According to Polish legislation (ustawa z dnia 29 lipca 2005 r. o obrocie instrumentami finansowymi) AFI services are licenced and AFI status possession is regulated by Polish financial market regulator KNF (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego).

Niezależny Dom Maklerski S.A. (brokerage office), situated in Warsaw, ul Wspólna 62, 00-684 Warsaw, registered in the Polish registration court KRS 0000482561, NIP 113287018,

Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. on the 10th of August 2016 was signed into the register of AFI conducted by KNF (KNF register). PWC from the day 10th of August is authorised to serve in the name of NDM S.A. a list of the following actions:

  1. Inform on the products and services of NDM S.A.,
  2. Concluding an agreement on brokerage house services, after NDM S.A. acceptance,
  3. Receiving and devolving transactions orders of purchase and disposal of financial instruments,
  4. Receiving and devolving subscriptions due to emissions of financial instruments conducted by NDM S.A.
  5.  Receiving acts of willingness and knowledge from the Clients and forwarding them to NDM S.A.,
  6. Receiving and forwarding to NDM S.A. acts of willingness due to give, change, termination of powers of attorney,
  7. Recommending Clients and potential Clients an institution of NDM S.A. as an authorised brokerage office,
  8.  Sending to PWC Sp. z o.o. Clients mail authorized by NDM S.A. information on products and services of NDM S.A.,
  9. Forwarding to Clients authorised and prepared by NDM S.A. investment recommendations. The documents will be compiled by authorised by NDM S.A. stock-brokers (with respect to Polish standards by financial advisors or dealers in the meaning of KNF).
  10. Instructing Clients on the sourced of information on analyses, publications and other general recommendations due to transactions on financial instruments, compiled by NDM S.A.

Assessing the status of AFI is another step of Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. to assure for our Client access to wider investment spectrum. PWC changes in a way that Clients satisfied with current standards can operate in new circumstances without any noticing any change of distribution process. New solutions are for Clients, who seek for quaint investment opportunities and alternatives to construct financial portfolios.

Status of AFI, without any change to the current rules does not cultivate PWC Sp. z o.o. or NDM S.A. to receive any Client money transfer on the PWC banking accounts due to distribution or AFI services. PWC and NDM are not authorised to send any money transfers on Clients accounts.

PWC and NDM’s cooperation is an effect of long-term process of adjustment of the internal processes and internal regulations of both companies. 

According to point 4 above, PWC is authorised to perform in the name of NDM S.A. receiving and forwarding subscriptions on financial instruments of new emissions conducted by NDM S.A., including FIZ instruments. FIZ instruments, that before AFI were not available for PWC Clients, open new investment possibilities.

PWC Clients, due to AFI status, gain access to prestigious service Financial Advisory and Asset Management.

Asset Management is a form of service that allow management of many financial instruments from NDM S.A. no matter what company serves the distribution service. The service covers wide spectrum of instruments: stocks, bonds, derivatives, money market instruments. All instruments are covered by management service including calculating of the rate of return, risk management, monitoring market change, political risk. Complex service and instruments of reactions allow NDM S.A. for immediate, effective reaction. Client sets individual investment strategy adjusted to Clients requirements and accepted level of financial risk. The strategy is always compatible with Client investment profile and can be modified in case of any Clients need.

Preliminary assumption of PWC and NDM S.A. cooperation is to enable for PWC Clients products that were out of reach. We believe that consolidation of the management process in PWC saves time, that  in the long run enhance communication between PWC employees and their Clients. Alternative forms of investment create broad diversification opportunities and in the long run enhances rates of return.    

Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o., in the role of AFI, is ready to serve AFI actions in the company’s branches. The list of branches is published on our web page

Source: Private Wealth Consulting

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