How we work

Analiza, Koncepcja, Wdrożenie, Kontrola

Source: own study based on the "Deming Cycle" W.E.Deminga

The Private Wealth Consulting Cycle is a flow chart that illustrates the basic principle of constant improvement of the cooperation between Private Wealth Consulting and the Client.

Throughout the entire period of cooperation the Client of Private Wealth Consulting is supported by one dedicated advisor, who is well familiar with the individual situation of the Client as well as their character and investment profile. The best confirmation of the quality of our services is the fact that 98% of our Clients chose us through recommendations.

  • 1. Analysis

    Every investment proposal is preceded by a meeting at which we discuss expectations and possibilities that would enable to satisfy them. We also establish a specific investment goal.
  • 2. Concept

    We prepare a customized strategy that takes into account the Client’s needs and their current market situation.
  • 3. Implementation

    At the next meeting we decide on the terms and conditions of cooperation, create an action plan and help the Client with formalities that are necessary to start their investment.
  • 4. Control

    We regularly report the investment status, which we monitor in terms of implementation of the goal on an ongoing basis. If it is necessary, we make changes and suggest specific solutions.