Unique and innovative financial solutions

  • We cooperate with more than 20 Polish and 2 foreign Investment Fund Associations, which offer in total nearly 350 financial products. They include are products of different levels of risk, containing all the available financial instruments from all world regions. The products are perfect for allocating and investing of accumulated capital.
  • In order to ensure our Clients’ pension security and a financial cushion, we offer insurance and pension products.
  • By using our support our Client has the opportunity to open an account in a Swiss bank, one of the most prestigious institutions of this type in the world. The bank ensures the highest level of security and a possibility to enter the world of global investments, offering access to almost all financial instruments.
  • One of the options offered by Private Wealth Consulting to their Clients is formation of new business structures based on Polish and foreign entities, such as companies, funds, foundations, trusts and financial holding companies.