What makes us special

Private Wealth Consulting Sp. z o.o. has been operating since January 2003 and it specializes in free investment consulting on investment funds. We have the license of the Financial Supervision Authority and operate in compliance with the regulations of the EU Directive - MiFID.

At the moment we help Clients with management of assets whose total value amounts to a few hundred million Polish zlotys.

Thanks to the large scale of our operation and our partners’ trust we are able to renegotiate fees for our Clients and obtain favorable financial conditions.

Our advisors are excellent experts with many years of experience in the financial markets, which they gained at the best financial institutions in Poland and abroad.

The fundamental principles that we always follow are:

Cooperation with Private Wealth Consulting ensures constant guidance of a professional advisor whose task is to support the client in effective management of their money and obtaining short-term and long-term financial goals.

Regular meetings with our advisor will enable to adapt the financial strategy to the changing situation of the client and help to achieve the established objectives at every stage of life.

Stages in clients’ lives and their needs


source: Private Wealth Consulting, based on the basis of the "pyramid of needs" Abraham Maslow